Our level 7 emergency vet facility is the only one like it in the state. It offers you and your pet the most quickest and most advanced care available anywhere.

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Dr Graham Sanders

I am retired Australian Veterinarian. I practiced small Animal medicine in Lake Tahoe. I developed Tugg over 5 uears in response


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Tugg helps owners have better communication and control over their dog with less effort.

  • Finger Tip Control
  • Leash Pulling
  • Aggressive Behavior

 Tugg is custom fitted Leash for you and your dog and ready to go right when you get it. It is designed for dogs over 15#. It can be used with puppies and is fully adjustable so it can be adjusted as your puppy grows.  MORE


Although we can get instantaneous results with Tugg it is not recommended. It is better to slowly introduce Tugg to your pet. Al dogs want to do what we say - the problem is the  message has to be clear

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Tugg Leash